A wee run …..

So, Sunday morning (not so bright and early) I decided to go out for my long run of the week. Last week I had a couple of runs which were just really crap! You know the sort – you’re having an off day and feel really sluggish, heavy and uncoordinated! I had mixed feelings about this run, hoping that it wasn’t going to be 12km of unpleasant plodding! I decided some good pre-run fuel might help to give me a little kick in the right direction – so I gobbled up some multi-grain toast and guzzled a bottle of Lucozade sport before I set off. Oh, I might have even decided to take out one of my new energy gels for a test drive too!!! 20140114_120729I know, I know … slight overkill! But I want to start testing out some energy gels in preparation for the Reading half marathon in March – and if I don’t try them soon, I’ll run out of time! There are a lot of people out there who wouldn’t use an energy gel for this distance. But as my last half marathon took me 3.01 hours to finish, I am in need of a few pick me ups along the way! 🙂 So off I set, like an Energiser bunny, actually feeling full of life and strong legged for a rare moment. I think this might have been my downfall though, as it made me feel confident enough to go ‘exploring’ and take a new route! Needless to say, I got a little bit lost! 🙂 So after a couple of stops for some directions, 17.35km and 2 hrs 43 mins later, I finally crawled through the front door (Much to the OH’s annoyance, having been stuck ‘holding the toddler’ all the morning!). I tried out of the SiS energy gel during this run and it had the most disgusting sludgy texture, but it did definitely perk me up a bit. I think I would have struggled a lot more without it! At least I clocked up some more miles than planned and am now at 30.32 miles year to date. Only another 969.38 more to go before the end of the year! Aaaah – now my legs are in need of a good couple of days rest!

Did I mention that I also did some strength exercises before I went for my run – all part of my mission to be able to do a pull up! Let’s just say, I think my little boy has more chance of doing a pull up before I ever do! 🙂

Jack's attempt at some pull ups!
Jack’s attempt at some pull ups!

On a slightly different note; does anyone else suffer with bladder issues when running? I apologise for the personal nature of my blog at the moment (the other day it was all about my boobs!), but being a mum I don’t bother trying to retain any dignity these days – that went out the window right about the same time as childbirth took place!!! 🙂 Apparently my fascination with toilets started from a young age. My parents often reminisce about my ‘need to go’ to the loo at least 10 times everywhere we went! Nowadays, I still have a tendency to go to the toilet in new locations and  can’t stop myself from passing comment on ‘how nice (or not) the lavatories are’! I know – I’m strange! 🙂 Anyway, when I go for a run my bladder seems to go into overdrive. At one of my races, I went for 6 toilet trips in the space of 1 hour in the lead up to the start of the race! And on training runs I frequently have to do a ‘Paula Radcliffe’, though usually more discreetly behind some trees, because if I ‘need to go’ then I can’t concentrate on my running at all! I am dreading the day that the ‘need’ takes me mid-race (so far I have been lucky enough to avoid that!). Am I the only person who struggles with this? I can’t be alone surely?!

While I’m waffling on about my running! I thought I might share this great article I found on how to lace your running shoes. I never realised that it was all so technical. I struggle with pain on the top of my right foot quite often, which I have attributed to a spot of tendon trouble. It was only after a bit of research to see what I could do to help, that I discovered lacing my shoes in a different way may relieve the pressure! 20140112_135254I have now tried a few different methods, and so far the ladder method seems to be working for me and has made a big difference. Shame it doesn’t make me run faster too! 🙂

I also managed to do one of my random acts of kindness this week! I stumbled across this great cause. Rachel Knowles is a 5-year-old twin. She was born prematurely and has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk without a walking frame. There is an operation she can have, recommended by Great Ormond Street Hospital, which will hopefully enable her to walk, but the NHS have refused to pay for it. If she can raise enough money, then she can get the operation early this year and hopefully be able to make her dream of walking come true (something many of us take for granted). Without the op, she will be destined to a life in a wheelchair and many more operations on her legs. I wasn’t able to help much – but I made a small donation to the cause and I am really hoping that if lots of other people help out too, with what they can afford, then she can get her wish. Good luck Rachel.

Rachel Knowles
Rachel Knowles

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