My boobs are shrinking!

I stood on the scales this morning – and I have now lost a whopping 8lb in 2 weeks (woop, woop!). I am mightily pleased with this – long may it continue!!!!! 🙂 Thanks to good old Weightwatchers and a strict running regime, the effort seems to be paying off nicely.

indexDoes anyone else notice though that the first place the weight seems to come off is their boobs? I am a fairly hourglass figure, but in my pre-pregnancy slim days, I was a small handful of a 34B cup. Now, thanks to all those pregnancy hormones and increased calorific consumption I am now more of a 40DD (or thereabouts)! I’m not having a moan, but, there are plenty of extra love handles to go round at the moment – so why does the weight have to come off the bit I quite fancy keeping a bit extra of? After all, a few more pounds off the thighs, stomach and hips would surely make more sense! 😉

Looking on the bright side ….. some smaller boobies (along with a new sports bra) will hopefully = less under boob runners chaffing at the Reading half marathon in March! Anyone who had the misfortune of putting up with my moans of sore boobs after my first half marathon (Mablethorpe) last October will know how super tender they were! Red raw springs to mind. Thank god for Sudocrem is all I can say. Having kids has it’s advantages – there is every cream and remedy known to mankind knocking around the house somewhere! I know, I know – never happy – I moan with big boobs, I moan when they get smaller! 🙂 One things for sure though …. a spot of shopping for a heavy duty ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’ will be in store! 🙂 Maybe something a bit like this ….


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